Our Story and Legacy

dsc035112017 marks the sixteenth anniversary of Colorado Youth Outdoors. CYO began with the recognition of the struggle that youth and their parents often have in connecting with each other. That challenge, in the fast paced culture in which we live has only intensified in the past 16 years. From our experience at CYO we believe that outdoor recreational activities provide an ideal environment for youth and their parents, and other significant adults to strengthen their relationship. In 2010 CYO transitioned from a High School based program to a facility based program with the acquisition of Swift Ponds, a regional outdoor education and recreation facility, in Northern Colorado. CYO works with over 15,000 youth and families each year. With the completion of Richardson Hall, our Education classroom facility that number will grow substantially this year and into the future. We have CYO programming for Youth and Parents that runs in three week blocks year round. Our Alternative High School and Hispanic Family Outreach programs serve at risk youth and their families in Fort Collins and Loveland with the goal to expand into Greeley this fall. We run day programming for schools and work up to 40 non-profits in Northern Colorado providing facility and programming resources. With an emphasis in Northern Colorado; Loveland, Fort Collins, and Greeley, CYO has shared their gift with over 2500 families. This number multiplies significantly into the tens of thousands when collaborating with other non-profits, serving disadvantaged and other youth, using our facility and programs are included.

Along the journey we came to the belief that what we are doing extends farther than the child/parent relationship. Our programs are bringing business partners, friends, child/mentor and the community together. And as such, we are looking to refresh the Colorado Youth Outdoors (CYO) brand to encompass more of what we do. And what we do is:

Foster and environment “Where RELATIONSHIPS grow.”
Spend time together
Teach individuals about interaction
Teach appreciation for natural resources and conservation

CYO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. CYO’s programs engage individuals in outdoor activities, including fly fishing, trap shooting, fly tying, archery, spin fishing, camping, orienteering, survival skills and more. Building on the timeless lure of the great outdoors, CYO offers families an effective, healthy way to build great relationships and a lifelong love of recreation.

We also currently host two large fundraising events annually – the Maverick Sporting Clays shoot and banquet and the Boot Scoot Concert and Dance. While these events a revenue generators for the organization, they also serve to bring the community together to build and foster relationship growth.

What we are not:

A fishing hole. A shooting range. Our passion is to have everyone who enters our gates leave with a better relationship with their peer, parent, mentor or friend when they walk back out of the gate.