CYO is where relationships grow! Because we are about building and strengthening relationships we pursue partnerships in a variety of ways that encourage those relationships. We partner with Schools, churches, other non-profits, businesses, corporations and foundations who share an interest in our mission of building relationships. We apply what we call our “90 degree Rule”. We start with a handshake, then look for how we might help each other meet our missions, and then agree to partner together to make it happen, if we agree it makes sense for both parties. In addition to our Core Programs, CYO serves up to 40 other nonprofits in a given year through programming, facility use and partnerships. We have day, evening and weekend programming for schools, school districts, at risk youth, youth and parents with disabilities, veterans and more. These programs range from one-time events to ongoing programs. Some of the ongoing programs include our Alternative High School program, Cooper Home, NOCO Veterans Alliance, Outdoor Buddies, Hispanic Family Outreach, and Resurrection Christian Middle School Program. CYO also partners with organizations and corporations to provide facility use, team building and relationship building activities along with community service partnerships. We use the same traditional outdoor recreation activities and the PACD relationship building tools that we use in our core programs.

Whether you are an individual, local business, corporation or non-profit, CYO may be interested in sharing our mission of Building Relationships through a partnership with you.

For more information contact the CYO Office by emailing Christopher Woodward or Kory Bright.