Campaign Overview

Campaign Overview

Colorado Youth Outdoors

Swift Ponds Regional Outdoor Recreation Facility

$6 Million Dollar Investment

 Acquisition Phase I (2007 – 2011) – $2.5 Million (Completed)

Acquisition / Design / 1st Phase Construction / Program Development 

 In 2007, Colorado Youth Outdoors (CYO) launched a major project to bring to life a 240-acre remnant gravel pit quarry to serve as a regional, nonprofit outdoor education center.  The vision was to develop a campus, functional areas and buildings to support the needs of CYO’s programming and complimentary programs of other nonprofits. Funds were raised through strong, longstanding community relationships.

Program Impact: Core Programming was established in Phase I.

Capital Accomplishments: Gated Main Entrance, Erion Pavilion, Full function bathrooms, North area Parking lots, Trap Range, Handicap accessible fishing docks

Construction Phase II (2012 – 2015) – $2 Million (Completed)

Design and Construction of Classroom – Office Building / Program Expansion / Habitat Improvements.

 CYO’s First capital campaign raised two Million dollars to ensure Richardson Hall would become home for CYO’s programming. Cash and In kind donations were received such that the bricks and mortar part of the project would not be held up. Support from corporations, foundations and grants secured the necessary funding for this Phase.

Program Impact: Expanded programming of Core and the launch of Outreach and Partner programming was fulfilled through Phase II.

Capital Accomplishments: Richardson Hall, Archery, BB gun Range, Moist soil habitat areas, and Floating Fishing docks.

Completion Phase III (2016 – Future) – $1.5 Million Legacy Campaign (In Progress)

Facility Infrastructure completions / Program Enhancements / Continued Program Expansion / Habitat Stewardship

A 1.2 million dollar loan was taken to complete the roadways, utilities, parking areas for the facility.  These projects were completed in 2017. The facility is complete and now it’s time to complete the funding.  This phase funding target is the individual level of funding. CYO has never reached out broadly to individual donors, and the community, to participate in the development of this project.  This is the phase where individuals and the community have the chance to complete what we started in 2007.

Program Impact: Infrastructure expansion for programming to allow for full Core programming and increased Outreach and Partner programming.

Capital Accomplishments (to date): Intersection turn lane, Water / Sewer / Power out to city services, Fiocchi Water Tower, Farm operations pump facility, Landscaping, Property line fencing North / South.