How to become a Volunteer!

Step 1. Volunteer background screening is conducted through Verified Volunteers. If you wish to start your background screening please visit www.verifiedvolunteers.com use the good deed code of wcfyx9r.

Step 2. Please sign up through our online volunteer hub HERE, after signing up you will be contacted about an interview.

Opportunities Available!

If you are already signed up through TimeCounts click HERE to view upcoming events. To be able to view program events you must apply to the general volunteer assignment.

Colorado Youth Outdoors relies heavily on volunteers to ensure we are successful with our mission. Volunteer needs include fundraising, mentorship, program support, construction/maintenance and marketing. We welcome all ages of volunteers from supervised youth to adults. In the past, CYO has hosted corporate volunteer projects from Cargill, Noble Energy, Copper Springs Solutions, and Wisdom Tree Care. We hosted non-profit volunteer efforts such as Larimer County 4H Archery, Fort Collins Rotary, Young Men’s Service League and Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado as well.

CYO Sportsman’s club – For those retired individuals who wish to continue or want to be a part of Colorado Youth Outdoors. Every Tuesday morning at 8:30 am, the CYO sportsman’s club meets to tell fish stories, enjoy great conversation and give back to CYO through volunteering. Each meeting features a CYO update, upcoming volunteer needs and equipment prep and repair projects all with a cup of coffee and breakfast.