…reconnect with people of your past, help us support relationships of the future.

  • Progress towards our $6.5 Million Dollar Facility 85%

CYO’s First Crowdfunding Campaign – Help Us Raise Our Last Million Dollars

The Me+3 Crowdfunding Campaign is intended to complete the funding for the North East Regional Campus.  We are so close to having this facility fully funded.  We need your help even if its $10.00 at a time sharing the power of Relationships through your Me+3 message.

Me+3 is a crowdfunding initiative we can all get behind and at the same time reinvest with Relationships from the past. We have all watched crowdfunding do amazing things, CYO believes it should be more than just raising funds; it should include something as important as connecting with others.

We all have old photos of friends or family we haven’t connected with in a while. Reach out to others and share with them what their friendship means to you because CYO knows that it is truly “ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS”.

See below a few staff examples of their connections…

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