Advanced CORE


We are pleased to announce a new opportunity beyond our CORE Fall and Spring series

CYO Advanced Core

Any participants that have participated in one or more Fall CORE offerings and one or more Spring CORE offerings, are eligible to participate in a new 3 week venture of CORE Advanced.

Shooting Sports – Shotgun Registration is NOW open with the 3 classes being on Wednesdays March 6th, 13th, and 20th

$50.00 per person

Spots are limited to 10 pairs and will receive intensive instruction from our Pro Staff. We will offer CYO Advanced Shooting Sports, Spin Fishing, Fly Fishing, and Archery:

Shooting Sports – Shotgun (Spring)

Shooting Sports – Rimfire (Fall)

Spin Fishing – (Summer)

Fly fishing – (Summer)

Archery – TBD

*CORE Advanced Shooting Sports – Shotgun will be required of those who choose to participate with our partners in their Adventure Series. For instance, Outdoor Buddies Upland Bird Hunt on March 30.

**As a note: CYO will offer classes with specific preparation around potential next opportunities such as hunts and fishing expeditions. They will then engage with specific partner organizations who offer these hunts or expeditions as their main focus. We will not offer future events, formerly known as Adventure Series, as part of our program offerings but will instead focus on nurturing relationships and opportunities with partner organizations in order to benefit the CYO participants who wish to participate in these activities. In most cases, CYO’s Pro Staff will accompany participants as they are available and willing to offer their time.   


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